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1994 ? col/scope Tamil d/s Suresh Krishna pc Sathya movies dial Balakumaran lyr Vairamuthu c P.S. Prakash m Deva lp Rajnikant, Naghma, Raghuvaran, Janakaraj, Anandraj, Kitti

When the honest autorickshaw driver Manickam (Rajnikant) falls for Priya (Naghma), daughter of the diamond smuggler Keshavan, the father recognises Manickam as the dreaded Bombay gangster Manik Badshah. In Bombay, Badsha ran a criminal gang mainly to fight arch rival Mark Anthony (Raghuvaran), who had killed his friend Anwar. After Badsha kills Anthony, he stages his own ‘death’ and finds himself a new identity. Badsha’s past catches up with him when his own brother Siva, a policeman, reopens the old police file, and further when Keshavan, Anthony’s former cashier, kills Anthony’s wife and steals his wealth and his daughter Priya. Badsha eventually kills Keshavan and marries Priya. This enormous hit, along with Annamalai (1992) by the same director, was seen as the Tamil megastar’s entry into state politics with numerous rhetorical devices announcing his opposition to the ruling AIADMK government (eg. lines like ‘It is not important how we fight, what is more important is who we fight against’).