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  • Baap Kamai (1925)

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     1'''Baap Kamai''' 
     3aka Fortune and Fools 
     41925 St 8927 ft b&w 
     5d Kanjibhai Rathod pc Krishna Film 
     6st Shaida c Chimanlal Luhar 
     7lpGulab, Gohar, Gangaram, Nandram, Putli 
     10Seth Madhavadas's only son Laxmidas aka Bachuseth (Gangaram) is brought up with affection but also strict discipline. Surviving on a small allowance, he cannot sustain his · expensive habits, particularly after he is befriended by the scoundrels Harilal and Chiman who try to exploit his family's wealth. Madhavadas dies leaving his son in the care of his trusted manager. Bachuseth then meets the actress Roshanara, a lady of ill repute who, with Harilal and Chiman, entices him to a gambling den. The villains tell Bachuseth that his wife is having an affair with Kundan, the son of his manager-guardian. Bachuseth dismisses the manager and his son and, gradually, Harilal and Chiman take over the business, including the inherited wealth, leaving Bachuseth a pauper. He is eventually helped by the sacked Kundan. The film is mainly remembered as Gohar's film debut, albeit in a minor role. Based on a novel by the Gujarati writer Shaida, the film illustrates a genre of popular fiction addressing the urban experience in colonial India, a fertile terrain to dramatise the encounter between traditional 
     11cultural values and those of the West.