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1956 ?’ b&w Hindi d S. Fattelal pc Pushpa Pics s Pushpa Pics Story Dept lyr Saraswati Kumar Deepak c P. Isaac m Ravi lp Raaj Kumar, Anant Kumar, Balraj Mehta, Ratnamala, Kanchanmala, Rajan Haksar, Gadadhar Sharma, Dar Kashmiri, Amrit Rana, Heera, Nalini, Bhalerao, Dabboo, Roshan Kumari, Kiran, Asha

Fattelal made this mythological after he left the Prabhat Studio. The film shows the decay of a genre in which Fattelal used to excel. The story, featuring early episodes from the Ramayana, tells how Kaikeyi saves the life of King Dasharatha in a celestial battle between gods and demons and wins two boons. The rest of the story narrates the early life and adventures of Rama.