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     1'''Ayanaku Iddaru''' 
     41995 167’ col Telugu 
     5d E.V.V. Satyanarayana pc Tulasi-Annapurna 
     6Creations s Irukapalli Mohana Rao lyr Bhuvana 
     7Chandra, Samavedam Shanmugha Sharma 
     8c Adusumilli Vijayakumar m Koti 
     9lp Jagapati Babu, Ramya Krishna, Ooha, 
     10Satyanarayana, Allam Veerappa, 
     11Brahmanandam, Kota Srinivasa Rao, 
     15A successful example of the popular Telugu 
     16melodrama associated with Shobhan Babu’s 
     1770s-80s work, in which a man has a 
     18relationship with two women. Suryam (Jagapati 
     19Babu) falls in love with Ramya (Ramya) 
     20mistaking her to be the author of an 
     21anonymous love letter actually written by her 
     22younger step-sister Ooha (Ooha). When Ramya 
     23abandons Suryam on the day of their marriage 
     24for a career in show business, he marries Ooha 
     25instead to save both himself and her family 
     26from a scandal. However, she refuses to 
     27consummate the marriage in protest. Ramya 
     28then returns and accuses her step-sister of 
     29having stolen her lover. She camps in the 
     30couple’s home and tries to seduce Suryam. 
     31Despite the havoc caused by Ramya, the 
     32married couple is eventually reunited after 
     33Ooha attempts to kill herself. The film’s main 
     34narrative pivot is the symbolic space occupied 
     35by Ooha, who, on the one hand, as the 
     36embodiment of modernity, refuses a 
     37subservient role in the marriage, but who 
     38nevertheless is forced to also play the 
     39sacrificing woman: a contradiction in most 
     40conventional narratives that this film 
     41specifically sets out to resolve in its