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Avale Nanna Hendthi

1988 145’ col Kannada co-d/co-sc S. Umesh co-d/st/co-sc/p K. Prabhakar pc Vijay Films dial/lyr/m Hamsalekha c Mallikarjuna lp Kashinath, Bhavya, Mukhyamantri Chandru, N.S. Rao, Gora Bhima Rao, Thyagaraja Urs, Tara, Kaminidharan, Lalithamma, K.N. Bharati, Raviraj

Comedy that sometimes verges on the tragic, notable mainly for Kashinath’s wry, selfdeprecating humour. Vishwanath (Kashinath) falls in love, but he first has to arrange his sister’s marriage in the traditional manner, which includes the iniquitous dowry system. A series of tragedies later, his greedy mother as well as his sister’s in-laws are reformed in a sharp critique of the dowry system.