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Aur Kaun

1979 136’ col Hindi d Tulsi and Shyam Ramsay p F.U. Ramsay pc Ramsay Pics st Kumar Ramsay dial Kafeel Azar lyr Amit Khanna c Gangu and Keshu Ramsay m Bappi Lahiri lp Sachin, Rajni Sharma, Padmini Kapila, Roopesh Kumar, Sudhir, Vimal Sahu, Kanchan Mathu, Om Shivpuri, Madan Puri, Nasir Hussain, Dina Pathak, Radha Saluja

A necrophilia film by India’s foremost horror film-makers. Teenager Raj (Sachin) is left alone in his father’s grand, isolated villa. He loves the innocent Kamal but is seduced by Mona, who dies before she was able to reach sexual satisfaction. Her corpse continues to mesmerise Raj, as it appears to demand the sexual fulfilment he was unable to provide. The rest of the film consists of Raj trying to rid himself of the sexually demanding female: first he tries to ‘cool’ her by putting her in the refrigerator, then he buries her and finally he disposes of the body in a lake.