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Bordoloi, Atul (b. 1938)

Assamese playwight and director born in Jorhat; initially a teacher after graduating from Gauhati University (1962). Author of 15 full- length and about 20 one-act plays in Assamese. Worked as journalist for the daily, Natun Asomiya. First film, Aparajeya, was the unremarkable result of a remarkable film- making experiment sponsored by poet- playwright Phani Talukdar and made by a group, Chaturanga, including Gauri Burman and Munin Bayan. Bordoloi’s films, set in deprived milieus, are known mainly for their multi-layered sense of reality achieved by suppressing narrative progression. Best-known film: Kallol. on Indian Broadcasting Co. in Calcutta (1927). JoinedNew? Theatres during silent era, creating live score for Charu Roy’s Chorekanta (1931) and Prafulla Roy’s Chasher Meye (1931), and remained the studio’s top composer into the 40s. Although less associated with the dominant Rabindra Sangeet (Tagore’slyrics)thane.g.Pankaj Mullick,his adaptations of the ghazal style into light classical, emotionally charged music were influential in the recording industry, esp. as interpreted by his famous protegé, actor-singer

FILMOGRAPHY: 1970: Aparajeya; 1973: