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1968 158’ b&w Malayalam d A. Vincent pc Manoj Pics s M.T. Vasudevan Nair lyr P. Bhaskaran c A. Venkat m K. Raghavan lp Prem Nazir, Adoor Bhasi, P.J. Anthony, Shankaradi, N. Govindankutty, Nilambur Balan, Sharada, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Shanta Devi

Political melodrama sometimes considered to make a Vasudevan Nair trilogy with Vincent’s Murappennu (1965) and Bhaskaran’s Irutinte Atmavu (1967) about life in feudal Kerala. This one is set in the communally charged situation of violence between Hindu and Muslim communities. The rich Shankaran Nair tries to bribe his brother-in-law, the good hero Govindankutty (Nazir), to marry his daughter Meenakshi. The reason for the haste is that Meenakshi is pregnant by Govindankutty’s wayward nephew Kochuppan. Govindankutty, however, refuses, and is thrown out by the family. He moves in with his Muslim friend Kunjarikkar (Anthony), a daring thing to do given the prevailing political atmosphere. He eventually converts to Islam, renaming himself Abdullah.