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aka The Blessing aka Aashirwaad 1968 146’- col Hindi d/s Hrishikesh Mukherjee p N.C. Sippy dial/co-lyr Gulzar co-lyr Harindranath c T.B. Seetaram m Vasant Desai lp Ashok Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, Sumita Sanyal, Veena, Sajjan, Abhi Bhattacharya

A flamboyant melodrama about a poet, Shivnath (A. Kumar) who studies folk-songs but is married to a woman who owns much land and ruthlessly extorts taxes from the local Untouchables. She even threatens to burn down their village unless they pay. At this point, the mild husband rebels and kills one of his wife’s allies, which earns him a spell in jail. When he is released, he is a broken old man. He attends his daughter’s wedding and offers his blessings without telling her that he is her father.