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1988 181’ col Malayalam d Priyadarshan pc Cheers s T. Damodaran c S. Kumar m Raghukumar lp Mohanlal, Ramya Krishna, Goga Kapoor, Balan K. Nair, Shobhana

Vendetta movie featuring wronged upper-caste Brahmins in the context of the Mandal Commission’s advocacy of employment rights for lower-caste people. The stereotypically honest Namboodiri (i.e. upper-caste) youth Devanarayan (Mohanlal) is forced by poverty to live in bad and distant Bombay where he makes a living as a member of a Muslim crime gang . He returns home with a girl (Ramya) all set to restore the lost honour of his family. However, non-Brahmin rogues prevent this ambition from being realized, providing numerous occasions for the fimmakers to vilify non-Hindu and lower-caste people, culminating in a virulent courtroom denunciation of such inferior specimens of humanity.