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1967 145’ b&w Oriya d/sc Prafulla Sengupta p Dhiren Patnaik st Gurukrishna Goswami dial Anand Shankar Das c Bishnu Chakraborty m Shantanu Mahapatra lp Minati Mishra, Sarat Pujari

Ambitious but unsuccessful big-budget Oriya musical extravaganza. Arundhati (Mishra), studying dance at her father’s performing arts establishment, loves Manoj (Poojari), a singer whom her father hopes will become his successor. The industrialist Biswajit claims Arundhati is his wife Madhu, believed to have died in a train accident. He presents various kinds of proof and accuses the bewildered Arundhati of infidelity. Eventually a twin sister, lost when still a child, turns out to have been the cause of the confusion. The skeletal plot was mainly an excuse for several classical dance numbers by Mishra, choreographed by the legendary Odissi dancer Guru Kelucharan Mahapatra.