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1961 ? b&w Tamil d A.S.A. Sami? p Jupiter Films? s M. Karunanidhi c P. Ramaswamy m G. Ramanathan lp M.G. Ramachandran, M.N. Nambiar, Ashokan, K.A. Thangavelu, Padmini, Rajasulochana

As a result of a trick, Arivazhgan (MGR) sees his sister Anbukarasi (Padmini) married to and abducted by Vetrivelan (Nambiar), the general to the King of Mulai Nadu. The King entrusts one part of his will to his daughter Azhagurani (Rajasulochana) and the other to his friend Manimaraboopathi (Ashokan), the King of Naga Nadu, specifying that the will cannot be opened until his daughter’s 19th birthday. She, however, loves Arivazhgan. After the King dies, the villainous Vetrivelan becomes ruler, repudiates his wife and plans to possess the Princess. She manages to escape by hiding with the villain’s father, using a false identity. There she bears a child. On her 19th birthday, Arivazhgan comes to challenge the villain for his sister and his beloved, but Vetrivelan has made a false will public, proclaiming him King. However, Arivazhgan reveals the full truth of the man’s misdeeds and is about to kill him when his sister pleads for mercy for her miscreant husband. The villain then repents his misdeeds, opening the way for true democracy in Mullai Nadu.