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Aranya Rodana

aka A Cry in the Wilderness 1992 87’ col Oriya d/sc Biplab Roy Choudhury pc Gouri Pics st Satkadi Hora c Raju Mishra m Shantanu Mahapatra lp Priyambada Roy, Master Ramdas Murmu, Laltendu Rath, Raicharan Das, Sarat Pujari

Kalyani (Roy), an intrepid journalist, investigates the rape and murder of a tribal woman by a politician in rural Orissa. Later, she also investigates the criminal activities of a moneylender, becoming increasingly involved in the lives of the tribal people, adopting the child of the dead tribal woman. However, her editor either suppresses or publishes distorted versions of her stories. This is intercut with the journalist’s own troubled married life.