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April 18

aka April Pathinettu 1984 153’ col Malayalam d/s Balachandra Menon pc Sathosh Films lyr Bichu Thirumala c Vipin Mohan m A.T. Ummar lp Balachandra Menon, Venu Nagavalli, Adoor Bhasi, Gopi, Shobhana, Jose Prakash, Raju, Santosh, Shankaradi, Srinath, Unnimary, Adoor Bhawani, Sukumari, Srilatha

A melodrama about a conscientious policeman, played by the director, whose visits to a convict’s wife (Unnimary) are misunderstood by his wife (Shobhana) who leaves home in protest. His father-in-law (Bhasi), who never liked his daughter’s choice for a husband, pushes for divorce. However, the unpleasant nature of the legal proceedings plus the nostalgic memories of their first meeting reconcile the couple.