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Apoorva Sahodarargal/Apoorva? Sahodarulu/Nishan?

aka Strange Brothers 1949 151’ b&w Tamil/Telugu/Hindi? d T.G. Raghavacharya[Ta], C. Pullaiah[Te], S.S. Vasan[H] pc Gemini st Alexandre Dumas’s The Corsican Brothers dial Gemini Story Dept.[Ta], co-dial/lyr Pandit Indra[H] co-dial J.S. Casshyap lyr Kothamangalam Subbu[Ta] c Kamal Ghosh[H], P. Ellappa m Saluri Rajeshwara Rao, M.D. Parthasarathy, Balkrishna Kalla, R. Vaidyanath lp P. Bhanumathi, M.K. Radha[Ta], R. Nagendra Rao, G. Pattu Iyer[Ta], L. Narayana Rao[Ta], B.S. Saroja, D. Balasubramanyam[Ta], V.P.S. Mani, Ranjan[H], J.S. Casshyap[H], Maya Bannerjee[H], Balkrishna Kalla[H], Suryaprabha[H], S.S. Kashyap[H], Stunt Sona.

Vasan’s sequel to the smash hit Chandralekha (1948) adapted the Douglas Fairbanks Jr version of the Dumas novel, directed by Edward Small (1942). Made as a trilingual, its nearly identical Tamil (Apoorva Sahodarargal) and Telugu (Apoorva Sahodarulu) versions were nevertheless credited to different directors, while M.K. Radha, who plays the double role of the separated twins in Tamil is replaced by his Chandralekha co-star Ranjan for the Hindi film. The villain Zoravar Singh (Nagendra Rao) defeats the rival kingdom of Bhawanigarh and the good doctor Shankar (Casshyap) manages to rescue the twins Vijay and Vikram (Radha/Ranjan?), heirs to the throne. Vijay is raised in the city and Vikram in the forest. They grow up to take revenge on Zoravar. Both brothers love the same girl, Ranjana (Bhanumathi), causing a rivalry that generates further intrigues: Zoravar kidnaps the girl as bait to get the two heroes to reveal themselves. The Hindi version was less successful than the Tamil one, which broke several records.