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Apna Haath Jagannath

1960 173’ b&w Hindi d Mohan Segal pc Deluxe Films s G.D. Madgulkar dial Rajinder Singh Bedi lyr Kaifi Azmi c C.S. Puttu m S.D. Burman lp Kishore Kumar, Sayeeda Khan, Leela Chitnis, Nasir Hussain, Jagdev, Nandkishore, Shivraj, Sabita Chatterjee

Following on from his successful New Delhi (1956), Segal here uses the comedy star Kishore Kumar to address middle-class attitudes to manual labour. Madan (Kumar), the son of an impoverished aristocrat, Dhaniram, is forced to take a labouring job to the disappointment of his father and the disapproval of his future in-laws. However, he makes a success of his printing press and eventually employs his own father in the expanding business. The film has several Kishore Kumar numbers including the bouncy Permit liye mar mit.