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1966 148’ b&w Hindi d/st Hrishikesh Mukherjee pc L.B. Films p L.B. Lachman sc Bimal Dutt, D.N. Mukherjee dial Rajinder Singh Bedi lyr Kaifi Azmi c Jaywant Pathare m Hemant Kumar [Hemanta Mukherjee] lp Dharmendra, Sharmila Tagore, Shashikala, Deven Verma, Durga Khote, David, Surekha Pandit, Dulari, Naina, Brahm Bhardwaj, Amar, Tarun Bose

Although dedicated to Bimal Roy, known for his reformist socials, this is a psychodrama. Throughout her life Uma (Tagore), the daughter of Mohan Sharma (Bose), is blamed for her mother dying while giving birth to her. The guilt-laden Uma is contrasted with the flippant, upper-class Anita (Shashikala). Other characters include Arun (Verma), Anita’s boyfriend who returns from abroad, and his idealist friend Ashok (Dharmendra), a writer who loves Uma and eventually rescues her after writing a novel based on his imagination of her life. Classic songs composed and performed by Hemanta Mukherjee include the well-picturised Ya dil ki suno, and Lata Mangeshkar’s Dheere dheere machal.