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1984 135’ col Kannada/Telugu/Hindi? d/co-p/s Kashinath pc Shri Gayatri Arts cop Satyanarayana, Thotayya, Dattatreya, Umapathi dial/lyr[Te] Rajashri lyr[K] V. Manohar c K. Sundaranath Suvarna m L. Vaidyanathan lp Kashinath, Umashree, Master Vasanth, Dinesh, Arvind, Kaminidharan, Shivraj, Sivan Kumar, Venkatapathy, Prasannakumar, Mohammed Asha, Sarojamma, Bhagya

The village girl Gauri (Bhagya) is to marry Ramesh, an urban office clerk (Kashinath), who builds up his physique and reads sex manuals while she clings to her adolescence and plays with little boys. Arriving in the village with a large supply of contraceptives, Ramesh is frustrated by Gauri’s behaviour and allows himself to be seduced by Padmi (Umashree). He returns to the city with Padmi, who then takes off with a criminal, which gets Ramesh in trouble with the police. Eventually, a transformed Gauri arrives with her family, and Ramesh, in all sorts of trouble, gratefully accepts her. Starting off as a rural sex comedy, the film runs out of ideas in its effort to prolong the narrative. It introduced future actor-director Kashinath, an unlikely hero with few star qualities but possessing a wry sense of humour and an intimate familiarity with the details of lower middle-class urban life.