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Anta Manavalle

1954 185’ b&w Telugu d Tapi Chanakya pc Sarathi Pics s Kondepudi Lakshminarayana lyr Tapi Dharma Rao, Kopparapu Subba Rao, Konakalla Venkatrathnam m Master Venu lp C.S.R. Anjaneyulu, S.V. Ranga Rao, Narasimharao, Ramana Reddy, Krishnakumari, Jamuna, Hemalatha, Rajasulochana, Suryakantam, Perumallu

‘Realist’ corruption melodrama about a politician and village headman, Jagannatham (Ranga Rao), the man behind a gang of extortionists including Chidambaram (Anjaneyulu), Vaikuntam and Purniah. Chidambaram dupes the widowed Rathamma, forcing her family into destitution while he builds his bungalow. The fearless editor of the local newspaper (Perumallu) and his daughter (Krishnakumari), who loves the widowed Rathamma’s son Sathyam, try to expose the corruption. A review in Andhra Patrika compared the film to Ladri di biciclette (1948). Chanakya’s debut, evoking the earlier radical- reformist cinema of Sarathi Pics, and Master Venu’s debut as an independent composer relies heavily on folk-derived music.