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Anta Mana Manchike

aka All for the Best 1972 176’ b&w Telugu d/s/co-m P. Bhanumathi pc Bharani Pics dial D.V. Narasaraju lyr Dasarathi, Arudra, Devulapalli Krishna Sastry c Laxman Gore co-m Sathyam lp P. Bhanumathi, Krishna, Nagabhushanam, Krishnamraju, Chittor V. Nagaiah, T. Padmini, Suryakantam, Rushyendramani, Chhaya Devi, Sandhyarani, K. Mukkamala

Bhanumathi’s return to direction (cf. Chandirani, 1953) is a melodrama with nine songs. A young widow, Savitri, raises her sister, Seeta. When Seeta grows up she gets a job with the villain Phanibhushana Rao, not knowing that he was the cause of her parents’ poverty and death. She also falls in love with the man’s son. The villain tries to trap Savitri into prostitution and has her imprisoned when she attacks his associate. Eventually Savitri is freed and Seeta marries her beloved.