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Anokhi Ada

1948 141’ b&w Hindi-Urdu d/p Mehboob Khan pc Mehboob Prod. st Zia Sarhadi sc Aga Jani Kashmiri lyr Shakeel Badayuni, Anjum Pilibhiti c Faredoon Irani m Naushad lp Naseem Banu, Surendra, Prem Adib, Zeb Kureshi, Cuckoo, Nawab, Pratima Devi, Murad, Bhudo Advani

An updating of the Anmol Ghadi (1946) love triangle, this time featuring mainly the heroine’s amnesia. The rivals for her love are an adventurer (Adib) who calls himself Laatsaheb (i.e. Lord Sahib) and a professor (Surendra). Each is associated with her life on either side of her memory divide, giving each a particular stake in whether she be allowed to recall her past or not. Remarkably shot in heavy chiaroscuro, esp. in the backdrops at the professor’s house where the heroine battles with her amnesia.