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1989 139’ col Telugu d/sc Kodi Ramakrishna pc M.S. Art Movies p M. Shyamaprasad Reddy st M.S. Art Movies Unit lyr Mallemala c K.S. Hari m K. Satyam lp Rajasekhar, Jeevitha, M.S. Reddy, G. Rami Reddy, Gopi, Baby Mohan

Major hit pioneering Kodi Ramakrishna’s vendetta series of honest man-against-corruptsystem (cf. Shatruvu, 1990). The honest cop (Rajasekhar) tries to bring a crook (Rami Reddy) to justice, but the criminal - in an extended set of encounters - kills the cop’s pregnant wife (Jeevitha). Both the hero and villain die in the end, but the hero manages to save his former teacher and Chief Minister of the State, played by the film’s producer and scenarist, Reddy aka Mallemala. Rajasekhar’s voice was dubbed by Saikumar, a regular feature for this particular star.