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1990 136’(123’) col/scope Tamil/Hindi? d/s Mani Rathnam pc Sujata Films p G. Venkateshwaran lyr Vali c Madhu Ambat m Ilaiyaraja lp Raghuvaran, Revathi, Baby Shyamali, Prabhu, Master Tarun, Baby Anthony, Saranya, Nishanti, Shruti

Anjali (Shyamali) is a mentally handicapped girl who, after her father (Raghuvaran) sends her away for a few years, is brought home to live with her parents and two healthy siblings. The movie chronicles the love given and received by the little girl until she dies just after calling out to her mother (Revathi) for the very first time. The family is helped by a mysterious stranger (Prabhu) who appoints himself their guardian angel. The high points of the film are the numerous songs, mainly featuring the neighbourhood children, elaborately choreographed and including some fantasy numbers. The film shows the extent to which Rathnam absorbed the influence of music videos. The story is sourced in a novel by Fynn entitled Mr God This is Anna (1974).