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aka Our Struggle 1951 146’ b&w Hindi d Phani Majumdar pc Motwane co-st/sc Krishan Chander co-st Sudhir Sen lyr Indivar, Niaz Haidar c Roque M. Layton m Pannalal Ghosh lp Shivraj, Kishore Kumar, Manju, Pushpa, Sushama, Parashuram, Tiwari Jr., Shekhar, Bhojwani, Sharad, Malhotra, Krishnakant

A stridently nationalistic story of India’s freedom struggle, presented through the experiences of a Bengali family from 1885, when the Indian National Congress was established, to 1947. Important events incorporated into the plot were Gandhi’s satyagraha (1920), the Simon Commission (1928), Vallabhbhai Patel’s Bardoli satyagraha (1928) and the 1942 Quit India agitations. Krishan Chander’s script, Sachin Shankar’s choreography and the acting styles owed much to the IPTA theatre of the 40s. The film, made at Bombay Talkies, was produced by the distributors of the Chicago Radio PA systems label. Kishore Kumar plays the militant hero of this quasi-documentary. Motwane included old documentary footage purchased from Kohinoor and Krishna Film, as well as a shot of Rabindranath Tagore singing his Jana Gana Mana composition, one of India’s national anthems (Arunkumar Roy’s Of Tagore and Cinema, 1994, traces this footage to Ufa, shot when Tagore visited Munich).