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Andhare Alo

aka The Influence of Love 1922 St c.5000 ft b&w d Sisir Bhaduri, Naresh Mitra pc Taj Mahal Film's! Saratchandra Chatterjee c Nonigopal Sanyal lp Sisir Bhaduri, Naresh Mitra, Jogesh Choudhury, Durga Rani

Typical Saratchandra love-triangle short story provided the plot for Taj Mahal Film's debut production. An upper-class Bengali hero, the son of a zamindar, Satyendra, experiences the conflict between familial duty and the modern world in terms of his desire for an 11-year-old virgin bride, Radharani, and the nurturing and self-sacrificing courtesan Bijli. This is the first exploration in Bengali cinema of this plot's melodramatic potential (cfthe films of Saratchandra'sDevdas in 1928, 1935, 1955) The journal.Blj'li 0923) commended the acting in the emotionally charged scenes. Painted backdrops were used and, although Sourindramohan Mukherjee (in Bangia Bioscope) felt the film deployed several stereotypical scenes (drunkenness, a courtesan's dance), he recommended adapting more Saratchandra stories.