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     1'''Amol Palekar (b. 1944)''' 
     4Actor and director born in Bombay, where he 
     5attended the J. J. School of Arts (1965). Noted 
     6director on Marathi experimental stage with 
     7Satyadev Dubey (1968-72) and with his own 
     8Aniket group set up in 1972, e.g. Sadanand 
     9Rege’s Gochee (1972) and Badal Sircar’s Juloos 
     10(1975). Introduced theatre of the absurd in 
     11Maharashtra and a street theatre-inspired 
     12practice of performing plays in the round. 
     13Employed as bank clerk in Bombay when he 
     14was cast as actor by Basu Chatterjee in 
     15Rajanigandha (1974), which led to many 
     16parts in middle-class comedies, usually as the 
     17blundering lover. Also known for his 
     18remarkable performance as the scheming 
     19Rahul in Kumar Shahani’s epic melodrama 
     20Tarang. Was a well-known Bengali star after 
     21he did Narayan Chakraborty’s Mother, followed 
     22by Dinen Gupta’s Kalankini and Abasheshe 
     23and Pinaki Choudhury’s Chena Achena. Also 
     24starred in one Malayalam film, Balu 
     25Mahendra’s Azhiyada Kolangal. Became 
     26director with Marathi film Aakriet, casting 
     27himself as a psychotic serial killer. Directed 
     28two more films, Ankahee and Thodasa 
     29Rumani Ho Jaye, and several TV serials. 
     32'''FILMOGRAPHY''' (* also d/** only d): 1971: 
     33Shantata! Court Chalu Aahe; Bajiravacha 
     34Beta; 1974: Rajanigandha; 1975: Chhotisi 
     35Baat; 1976: Chit Chor; Tuch Majhi Rani; 
     36Bhumika; 1977: Kanneshwara Rama; Agar; 
     37Taxi Taxi; Safed Jhooth; Gharonda; 1978: 
     38Damaad; Do Ladke Dono Kadke; Solva 
     39Sawan; 1979: 22 June 1897; Baaton Baaton 
     40Mein; Golmaal; Meri Biwi Ki Shaadi; Mother; 
     41Azhiyada Kolangal; 1980: Apne Paraye; 
     42Chehre Pe Chehra; Aanchal; 1981: Aakriet*; 
     43Naram Garam; Plot No. 5; Sameera; 
     44Kalankini; Agni Pareeksha; 1982: Jeevan 
     45Dhara; Ramnagari; Shriman Shrimati; 
     46Olangal; Sringara Masa; 1983: Rang Birangi; 
     47Chena Achena; Pyaasi Aankhen; Nirvana; 
     481984: Prarthana; Ankahee*; Ashray; Tarang; 
     49Admi Aur Aurat; Mr X; Saleysaab (TV); 1985: 
     50Abashashe; Khamosh; 1986: Baat Ban Jaye; 
     51Jhoothi; 1987: Kachhi Dhoop** (TV); 1988: 
     52Naqab** (TV); 1989: Fitness for Fun, Fitness 
     53for Everyone** (Doc); 1990: Thodasa 
     54Rumani Ho Jaye**; 1991: Mrignayani** 
     55(TV); 1993: Paoolkhuna** (TV); 1995: 
     56Bangarwadi**; 1996: Daera**.