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  • Amodini

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     41994 101’ col Bengali 
     5d/s/lyr/m Chidananda Das Gupta pc NFDC 
     6c Madhu Ambat 
     7lp Piyush Ganguly, Rachana Bannerjee, Ashoke 
     8Mukherjee, Anusree Das, Tathagata Sanyal, 
     9Aparna Sen, Kankana Sen, Ashoke Basu, 
     10Dhiman Chakraborty, Sipra Basu, Devika Mitra 
     11Noted critic Das Gupta’s comedy is set in the 
     1218th C. when Calcutta was being built and 
     13inviolable norms of Brahmin social hierarchy 
     14often led to absurd situations, e.g. when uppercaste 
     15brides, who could not marry below their 
     16class, ended up marrying infants or muchmarried 
     17males trading on their eligibility. The 
     18irascible Amodini, daughter of a Kulin Brahmin 
     19landlord, is forced to marry a servant in her 
     20house when her scheduled groom abandons 
     21her in favour of a more lucrative alliance. She 
     22promptly kicks the servant boy Pundu out of 
     23her house as soon as the rites are over. The 
     24servant moves to Calcutta (then Sultanuti) and 
     25returns years later having made his fortune in 
     26the British colonial economy, considerably 
     27wealthier than his former employers. Amodini, 
     28determined to get him back, unburdens her 
     29troubles to Pundu’s latest wife and the 
     30threesome live happily ever after. Unlike the 
     31later films of Das Gupta’s mentor Satyajit Ray, 
     32the plot itself becomes secondary to innovative 
     33camerawork, often using minimal light and 
     34high-speed stock, and to stylised references to 
     35popular Bengali artforms.