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  • Ammoru

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     41995 129’ col Telugu 
     5d Kodi Ramakrishna pc M.S. Art Movies 
     6p M. Shyamaprasad Reddy st M.S. Arts Unit 
     7dial Satyanand lyr Mallemala c C. Vijayakumar 
     8m Chakravarthy, Sri 
     9lp Suresh, Soundarya, Ramya Krishna, Baby 
     10Sunayana, Rami Reddy, Babu Mohan, 
     14The main Telugu box office success of 1995, 
     15esp. for its special effects. Bhawani 
     16(Soundarya), a lower caste orphan and devotee 
     17of the goddess Ammoru, is responsible for the 
     18arrest of the evil Gorakh (Reddy). When 
     19Gorakh is released from prison, vowing 
     20revenge, Bhawani is married to a doctor 
     21(Suresh) who happens to be related to the 
     22villain. The doctor goes abroad to study, 
     23leaving his wife unprotected. When Gorakh’s 
     24sister Leelamma tries to kill Bhawani, the 
     25goddess Ammoru (Ramya) descends to earth 
     26and takes the form of Bhawani’s maid servant 
     27in order to protect her. Gorakh finds a way for 
     28the servant to be dismissed, kills Bhawani’s 
     29infant son and tortures her husband, with the 
     30help of the evil spirit Chenda. Eventually the 
     31goddess returns, and in a spectacular finale 
     32featuring the special effects, kills Gorakh. 
     33Beginning with an idiom resembling the 
     34mythological, the film transforms into a 
     35domestic family drama while maintaining its 
     36allegience to folk legends about female village 
     37deities. The big-budget hit was also known for 
     38its music often using folk tunes and established 
     39the newcomer Soundarya as a major star. A 
     40dubbed version in Tamil, Amman, was also a