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Amiya Chakrvarty

Hindi director born in Rangpur. Child actor- singer on stage. Full-time political activist in early 30s, arrested during the Salt Satyagraha (1930) and forced to leave Bengal in 1935. Joined Bombay Talkies apparently as Bengali tutor to Niranjan Pal’s son. Scenarist of Najam Naqvi’s Punar Milan (1940, with Gyan Mukherjee) and Sushil Majumdar’s Char Aankhen (1944). Assigned by Devika Rani to direct her and Ashok Kumar (in Anjaan?) when she took over studio management following Himansu Rai’s death. The split that followed with the establishment of Filmistan (1942), and the major success of Basant? (introducing Mumtaz Shanti) and Jwar Bhata? (Dilip Kumar’s début) made him the studio’s top director in its most controversial period. With N.R. Acharya? (Naya Sansar, 1941), pioneered a new generation of film-making at Bombay Talkies, but adhered more to the Osten-Rai? orthodoxy, especially in scripts and performances. Formed production company Mars & Movies, e.g. the successful Dilip Kumar film Daag. His last feature was completed by Nitin Bose.

FILMOGRAPHY: 1941: Anjaan; 1942: Basant; 1944: Jwar Bhata; 1947: Mera Suhaag; 1949: Girls’ School; 1950: Gauna; 1951: Badal; 1952: Daag; 1953: Patita; Shahenshah; 1954: Badshah; 1955: Seema; 1957: Dekh Kabira Roya; Kathputli.