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     1'''Alldu Majaaka''' 
     41995 161’ col Telugu 
     5d E.V.V. Satyanarayana pc Devi Film Prod 
     6p K. Devi Varaprasad st/dial Posani 
     7Krishnamurali lyr Veturi Sundara Ramamurthy, 
     8Bhuvana Chandra c K.S. Hari m Koti 
     9lp Chiranjeevi, Ramya Krishna, Rambha, 
     10Laxmi, Giribabu, Brahmanandam, Kota 
     11Srinivasa Rao, Ooha, Chinna, Srihari, 
     12Chalapathi Rao, Mahesh Anand 
     15A massive censorship controversy transformed 
     16this minor success into a major one. Sitaram 
     17(Chiranjeevi), the son of a respected village 
     18elder, is arrested and condemned to death for 
     19murdering a police officer. The villains are 
     20Vasundhara (Laxmi) and Kota Peddaiah 
     21(Srinivasa Rao). They prevent the hero’s 
     22pregnant sister (Ooha) from marrying her lover, 
     23Peddaiah’s son (Chinna). Sitaram escapes from 
     24custody and forces Pappi (Ramya), 
     25Vasundhara’s elder daughter, to marry him, and 
     26later masquerades as Mr Toyota, a wealthy 
     27expatriate businessman. In this guise he first 
     28tries to marry Vasundhara herself, and then her 
     29second daughter Bobby (Rambha). Eventually, 
     30his true identity revealed, he escapes once 
     31again shortly before he is to be hanged, and 
     32rescues his sister and parents-in-law (including 
     33a now-repentant Vasundhara). In the 
     34deliberately voyeuristic finale, he is seen in a 
     35bedroom with both sisters Pappi and Bobby. 
     36Reminiscent in some ways of Attaku Yamudu 
     37Ammayiki Mogudu (1989) and Gharana 
     38Mogudu (1992), the film’s release was 
     39followed by several protests by women’s and 
     40student groups calling for its ban, and 
     41responses by members of Chiranjeevi’s fan 
     42clubs threatening self-immolation if the film 
     43was withdrawn. The main causes of the 
     44controversy were the sexually explicit 
     45dialogues and the hero’s flirtation with his 
     46mother-in-law. A dance sequence featuring 
     47Chiranjeevi with Laxmi and the two heroines 
     48Ramya and Rambha was accused by film critics 
     49of indecency. The song, however, was retained 
     50and only a few other cuts were imposed by a 
     51Censor revising committee.