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Alicinte Anveshanam

aka Alice’s Search, aka The Search of Alice 1989 122’ col Malayalam d/s T.V. Chandran pc Neo Vision, NFDC c Sunny Joseph m Ouseppachan lp Jalaja, Ravindranath, Nedumudi Venu, C.V. Sriraman, Nilambur Balan, P.T.K. Mohammed

Set in a northern Kerala Catholic milieu, the film tells of a college lecturer’s wife, Alice (Jalaja), who searches for her vanished husband and slowly discovers disturbing aspects of the man’s life including his descent from his earlier radicalism into ‘bourgeois’ degeneracy. In the end, she abandons the search and decides to take responsibility for her own life. Third and best-known film by former actor (Kabani Nadi Chuvannappol, 1975) and assistant to Abraham and Backer.