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1990 156’ col Malayalam d Priyadarshan pc Seven Arts, Geepes Films p G.P. Vijayakumar s Srinivasan c S. Kumar m Ouseppachan lp Mohanlal, Srinivasan, Parvathi, Soman, Nedumudi Venu

After Nadodikattu (1987) and Pattana Praveshanam (1988), this is the final comedy in the series featuring the bumbling duo Vijayan (Srinivasan) and Dasan (Mohanlal). Priyadarshan took over as director from Andhikkad, but the film showed a marked decrease in popularity in spite of its increased budget. The two bungling friends, now in the CID, are sent to the USA to recover a crown stolen by an American named Paul Barber. Arriving in the US with an informally allotted grant of Rs 5 lakh, cleared by their Police Commissioner (Soman) and delivered by an Indian embassy official (Venu), they decide to settle down there and abandon their investigations. When the Police Commissioner back home gets sacked as a result, he too arrives in the US intent on revenge. The two friends, who spend much time outsmarting each other while romancing a nurse (Parvathi), eventually get embroiled in conflict with the dreaded Brunton gang and return home, having successfully recovered the crown.