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1982 148’ col Kannada d V. Somasekhar pc Parimala Arts st Vijaya Sasanoor sc/dial H.V. Subba Rao lyr Udayashankar, R.N. Jayagopal, Doddarange Gowda, Dr Kalyan c P.S. Prakash m Satyam lp Ambarish, Jayamala, Prabhakar, Sundarakrishna Urs, Jaijagadish, Pandharibai, Subhashini, Shakti Prasad, Musari Krishnamurthy, Lakshman, C.R. Simha, Sathyananda, Pravin Kumar

Ambarish’s follow-up of the successful Antha (1981). The quirky plot with segments of dystopian realism is characteristic of several crime films of the time. Ajit (Ambarish) displays his yogic skills and solves several cases before he is sent on a mission to a fictional foreign country to bring back a notorious criminal. Trapped in the criminal’s fortress, he uses his yogic powers and manages to send the criminal back to India. However, in a self-consciously unconventional ending, he is himself left behind, on the brink of death, after a battle with armed gangsters.