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Best-known instance of phenomenon unique to Bengali cinema: group of film technicians signing collectively as director. The Agradoot core unit, formed in 1946, consisted initially of Bibhuti Laha (cameraman born in 1915), Jatin Datta (sound), Sailen Ghosal (lab work), Nitai Bhattacharya (scenarist) and Bimal Ghosh (production). Bibhuti Laha was the driving force and after most of the other members had left the group, he continued directing under the Agradoot name while working as a cinematographer under his own name. They made several commercially successful late 50s and 60s sentimental socials starring Uttam Kumar, esp. Agni Pareeksha (remade as Chhotisi Mulaqat, 1967) and the early colour production Pathe Holo Deri). Another hit, Lalu Bhulu, was remade as Dosti (1959). Other film-makers who passed through the group include Saroj De, Salil Dutta and Aravind Mukherjee. Other well-known collectives include Sabhyasachi (cf. Ajoy Kar), Agragami, Yatrik, Chitra Rath and Chitra Sathi.

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