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aka Fire aka Anger which Burns 1978 117’ b&w Malayalam d/s C. Radhakrishnan p P.M.K. Babu, Hassan pc Sheeba Arts lyr Shakuntala c U. Rajagopal m A.T. Oomer lp Madhu, Vidhubala, Balan K. Nair, Bahadur, Vilasini, Abu Baker, Manavalan Joseph, Shanta Devi, Master Suku

The novelist Radhakrishnan (cf. Ottayadi Paathakal, 1990) used one of his own novels for his directorial debut telling of a headstrong butcher, Moosa (Nair, in one of his most impressive roles), whose daughter Amina (Vidhubala) elopes with Suleman (Madhu), a man accused of parricide. The butcher furiously pursues the lovers but he eventually realises his now-pregnant daughter’s strength of feeling and blesses the couple.