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Adurthi Subba Rao Adurthi Subba Rao (born 16 December 1912, Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh, British India [now India] - died 1 October 1975, Madras, Tamil Nadu, India) is a prominent old-time director of Telugu & Hindi Films.[1] He also produced few films. He has won seven National Film Awards.He was born to Sathanna Panthulu and Rajalakshmamma on December the 16th 1912. His father was the Tehsildar of Rajahmundry. Adurthi Subbarao completed school final (Matriculation) at the age of 14. He joined Kakinada PR College to do his Pre-University Course. His passion for photography made him discontinue his studies and go to Bombay, to pursue his interest in photography and feature films. His parents were against his ambitions. He turned a deaf ear towards their accusations and objections. He slipped through darkness towards the city of opportunities, Bombay. He joined the St. Xavier's College, Mumbai in a three year course of Photography. He discontinued the course and then joined the processing and printing department of Bombay Film Lab. Then he joined film editor Dina Narvekar as his assistant. Finally his directorial journey started as an assistant to Uday Shankar for his Hindi film Kalpana.

He has worked for films like Kalpana as an editor and assistant director. His debut film as an editor was Tamil film Parijatapaharanam. He wrote stories and dialogues for few films.

National Film Awards 1957: Certificate of Merit for Second Best Feature Film in Telugu - Thodi Kodallu[2] 1958: Certificate of Merit for Best Feature Film in Telugu - Mangalya Balam[3] 1959: President's Silver Medal for Best Feature Film in Telugu - Nammina Bantu[4] 1961: Certificate of Merit for Third Best Feature Film in Tamil - Kumudham[5] National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu - Mooga Manasulu - 1963 National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu - Doctor Chakravarthy - 1964 National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Telugu - Sudigundalu - 1967 Nandi Awards 1964 - Nandi Award for Best Feature Film - Doctor Chakravarthy 1967 - Nandi Award for Best Feature Film - Sudigundalu 1976 - Nandi Award for Best Feature Film - Mahakavi Kshetrayya


List of movies by Adurthi Subba Rao. Year Film Language Role 1954 Balanandam Telugu Assistant Director 1954 Amara Sandesham Telugu Director 1957 Todi Kodallu Telugu Editor, Screenplay and Director 1958 Aada Pettanam Telugu Director 1958 Mangalya Balam Telugu Writer and Director 1959 Engal Kula Daivi Tamil Director 1959 Nammina Bantu Telugu Director 1960 Kumudham Tamil Director 1961 Iddaru Mitrulu Telugu Director Krishna Prema Telugu Director 1962 Manchi Manasulu Telugu Director 1963 Chaduvukunna Ammayilu Telugu Screenplay and Director 1963 Mooga Manasulu Telugu Director 1964 Daagudumootalu Telugu Director 1964 Dr. Chakravarthy Telugu Director 1964 Velugu Needalu Telugu Director 1965 Sumangali Telugu Director 1965 Tene Manasulu Telugu Writer and Director 1965 Todu Needa Telugu Director 1966 Kanne Manasulu Telugu Director 1967 Milan Hindi Screenplay and Director 1967 Poola Rangadu Telugu Director 1967 Sudigundalu Telugu Screenplay and Director 1968 Man Ka Meet Hindi Director 1969 Doli Hindi Screenplay and Director 1970 Darpan Hindi Producer and Director 1970 Maro Prapancham Telugu Director 1970 Mastana Hindi Director 1971 Rakhwala Hindi Director 1972 Jeet Hindi Producer and Director 1972 Vichitra Bandham Telugu Director 1973 Insaaf Hindi Director 1973 Jwar Bhata Hindi Director 1973 Mayadari Malligadu Telugu Producer and Director 1974 Bangaru Kalalu Telugu Director 1975 Gajula Kishtayya Telugu Producer and Director 1975 Gunavanthudu Telugu Director 1975 Sunehra Sansar Hindi Director 1976 Mahakavi Kshetrayya Telugu Director