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Admi Aur Aurat

aka Man and Woman 1984 56’ col Hindi d/sc Tapan Sinha pc Doordarshan st Prafulla Roy c Kamal Nayak m Ashish Khan lp Amol Palekar, Mahua Roy Choudhury, Kalyan Chatterjee, Nirmal Ghosh, Parimal Sengupta, Sudhir K. Singh, Dipak Sanyal, Samir Mukherjee

A simple TV drama about a young, pregnant Muslim woman who walks 20 miles through the Vakilgunga hills to a hospital to deliver her baby. A kind Hindu poacher helps her to overcome geographical obstacles and inclement weather. In the end, when the child is born, the hunter learns that the woman is a Muslim, but he nevertheless takes the news of her son’s birth back to the woman’s husband.