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Adina Megha

1970 154’ b&w Oriya d/sc Amit Moitra p Babulal Doshi st Kuntala Kumari Acharya dial Gopal Chatray c Sailaja Chatterjee m Balakrishna Das lp Prashanta Nanda, Jharana Das, Sandhya, Geeta, Bhanumathi, Niranjan, Dukhiram, Sagar, Janaki

Hit Oriya musical melodrama by Bengali director Moitra. University student Suresh (Nanda) loves Champak (Jharana Das), though his brother and sister-in-law would like him to marry Alka. Suresh ends up marrying a third woman, Bina, as an act of chivalry when she is abandoned by her fiance. Champak is heartbroken while Alka marries, becomes a widow almost immediately and ends up educating tribal children. Eventually, she is the one who brings Suresh and Bina together. One of the best-known films by the famous Oriya star duo Nanda and Das, and also known for hit numbers like Ae bhara janha raati and Boulo ki kahibi.