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Acharya Athreya (1921-89)

Telugu poet, scenarist, lyricist and noted playwright. Born near Sullurpet, AP, as Kilambi Narasimhacharyulu. Wrote several plays while a student at Nellore and Chittoor and was associated with the Venkatagiri Amateurs stage group. Abandoned his studies to participate in the Quit India agitations and was imprisoned. Odd jobs including working as a clerk in a settlement office and assistant editor on the journal Zamin Raitu. Early plays in the historical genre (Gautama Buddha, 1946; Ashoka Samrat, 1947). Introduced a brand of realism on the stage, addressing contemporary political issues, e.g. N.G.O. (1949), later adapted to the screen as Gumasta (1953). Other major plays include Eenadu (1947), Vishwashanti (1953), Bhayam (1957). First film script was Samsaram (1950; uncredited), followed by H.M. Reddy’s Nirdoshi (1951). Wrote lyrics for more than 250 films, starting with Deeksha (1951). Secretary of the Andhra Screen Writers Guild (1955-6). Lyrics published by the actor K. Jaggaiah. Directed one film: Vagdanam (1961).

Music Writer