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1983 159’ col Oriya d/p/co-st/sc Sadhu Meher pc Shanti Films co-st Ramesh Mohanty dial Purna Mohanty lyr/m Saroj Patnaik c Suresh Patel lp Uttam Mohanty, Aparajita, Sujata, Jaya, Byomkesh Tripathi, Niranjan, Satapathy, Sadhu Meher

Medical students Chinmay (Mohanty) and Anuradha (Aparajita) get married but disagree on their professional priorities: Chinmay starts a clinic in the village while his wife stays in the city. The hero faces opposition from the local medicine man (Meher) and from Gajanan, the villainous son of the zamindar, who eventually has Chinmay killed. Anuradha continues the hero’s good work. The debut feature of Meher, better known as the Hindi actor who played Shabana Azmi’s handicapped husband in Ankur (1973) and in several Benegal films. Meher continued his mentor’s style of dialogue, of a naturalist performance idiom and his use of rural locations.