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Abdul Rashid Kardar (1904-89)

Hindi-Urdu director born into Lahore’s landed gentry; affectionately known as ‘Miyanji’. Considered a promising painter and still photographer. Moved to Bombay (1922) to work at Kohinoor. Did poster-paintings at Sharda Studio. Acted in a few films but, unable to get directorial assignment, returned to Lahore. Joined B.R. Oberai’s Pioneer Prod. as actor. Started United Players Corp. (1928), which, with partners Kardar and Hakim Ramprashad, grew into Playart Phototone. Although an important event in the early history of Lahore cinema, Kardar made only one film there (Heer Ranjha). Moved to Calcutta (1933) and became top director for East India Film (1933-6); then to Bombay (Ranjit and National Studios). Bought CIRCO Studio to launch the Kardar Studios with Sharada. It closed in 1968 despite an allindustry rescue effort. Started Musical Pics (1950). Launched directors M. Sadiq (who later directed Guru Dutt in Chaudhvin Ka Chand, 1960) and S.U. Sunny. Made his best-known films in 1940, a series of psychodramas attempting to match the realism of Urdu literature (Pagal, Holi, Pooja). Then moved to portmanteau musicals featuring his regular composer Naushad, including comedy spoofs with Kishore Kumar (Baap Re Baap). Apparently Dastaan was based on the US film Enchantment (1948), Jadu on Raoul Walsh’s The Loves of Carmen (1927) and Baghi Sipahi on R.V. Lee’s Cardinal Richlieu (1935). His comeback with Dil Diya Dard Liya went wrong and Dilip Kumar ended up directing the movie credited to Kardar.

FILMOGRAPHY (* also act/ act only): 1929: Husn Ka Daku*; Heer Ranjha; 1930: Sarfarosh; Safdar Jung; Farebi Shahzada; 1931: Khooni Katar*; Awara Raqasa; Kismet ki Hera Pheri; Farebi Daku (all St); 1932: Heer Ranjha; 1933: Aurat Ka Pyar; Abe Hayat; 1934: Seeta; Chandragupta; Sultana; 1935: 1936: Baghi Sipahi; 1937: Mandir; Milap; 1938: Baghban; 1939: Thokar; 1940: Holi; Pagal; Pooja; 1941: Swami; 1942: Nai Duniya; Sharada; 1943: Kanoon; Sanjog; 1944: Pehle Aap; 1945: Sanyasi; 1946: Shahjehan; 1947: Dard; 1949: Dillagi; Dulari; 1950: Dastaan; 1951: Jadu; 1952: Diwana; 1953: Dil-e-Nadaan; 1955: Baap Re Baap; Yasmin; 1958: Do Phool; 1966: Dil Diya Dard Liya; 1975: Mere Sartaj.