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1952 136’ b&w Hindi d/co-st/sc/dial Chetan Anand pc Navketan Films co-st Hamid Butt lyr Narendra Sharma c Jal Mistry m Ali Akbar Khan lp Dev Anand, Nimmi, Kalpana Kartik, Durga Khote, K.N. Singh, Leela Mishra, Pratima Devi, M.A. Latif, Johnny Walker

Chetan Anand’s 2nd film at Navketan, made between the more famous Afsar (1950) and Taxi Driver (1954), argues for a humane form of capitalism. The honest lawyer Ram Mohan (Anand) wants to marry Janaki (Kartik), daughter of the businessman Din Dayal. The villain is a rival businessman, Kuber Das (Singh), who blackmails Din Dayal into letting him marry Janaki. The entire community comes to the aid of the honest capitalist but to no avail and it remains up to the star, Anand, to ensure the happy ending.