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     1'''A. Narayanan (1900-39)''' 
     4Director, producer and exhibitor in Tamil film. 
     5Former insurance agent; worked for the 
     6distribution wing of K.D. Brothers. Manager 
     7of Queen’s Cinema, Calcutta (1922) and 
     8started Popular Cinema in Triplicane, Madras. 
     9Started Exhibition Film Services (1927), later 
     10with branches in Bombay, Delhi, Rangoon 
     11and Singapore, and made extensive efforts to 
     12find an American market for Indian films, 
     13including a USA visit with a print of Naval 
     14Gandhi’s Balidan (1927) and Imperial’s 
     15Anarkali (1928), during which he befriended 
     16Carl Laemmle and Douglas Fairbanks Sr. 
     17Started influential General Pics in Madras 
     18(1929) with film-makers such as R.S. Prakash, 
     19Y.V. Rao and C. Pullaiah. Its sound version, 
     20Srinivasa Cinetone (1934), is claimed as South 
     21India’s first sound studio. Nationalist activist, 
     22committed participant in Swadeshi agitations; 
     23influenced by the Tamil Manikodi writers 
     24group; associated with leaders of the freedom 
     25struggle in Madras such as C. Rajagopalachari, 
     26the chief minister, and S. Satyamurthy, the 
     27Congress leader. Also made several 
     28documentaries, e.g. Maternity and Child 
     29Welfare, Venereal Diseases (both for health 
     30dept. and the govt); Unfurling the National 
     31Flag; Burma Oil Company Fire; The Spirit of 
     32Agriculture (for Imperial Chemical Industries), 
     36'''FILMOGRAPHY:''' 1927: Indian National 
     37Congress at Gauhati (Doc); 1928: Kovalan; 
     381929: Dharmapatni; Garuda Garvabhangam; 
     39Gnana Sundari; 1930: King Bhoj; 1931: Nara 
     40Narayana (all St); 1934: Draupadi 
     41Vastrapaharanam; Srinivasa Kalyanam; 1935: 
     42Krishna Arjuna; Rajambal; 1936: Indrasabha; 
     43Mahatma Kabirdas; Mandayarkal Sandhippu; 
     44Meerabai; Tara Sasankam; Vishwamitra; 
     451937: Krishna Tulabharam; Rajasekharan; 
     46Virata Parvam; 1938: Mada Sambrani; Tenali