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    77credit to cast and crew. Former 
    88schoolteacher in Bombay, apprenticed to 
    9 cameraman V.B. Joshi at Kohinoor Studio 
    10 (1920). Turned film-maker at Ardeshir Irani’s 
     9cameraman V.B. Joshi at [[Kohinoor Studio]] 
     10(1920). Turned film-maker at [[Ardeshir Irani]]’s 
    1111Star Film (1922) with Veer Abhimanyu, 
    1212apparently containing Indian cinema’s first 
    1313flashbacks. His first independent production 
    1414house (Swastika Film; Est: 1923) failed; then set 
    15 up Ashoka Pics (1924) and made Prithvi 
    16 Vallabh. Its success encouraged others to go 
     15up Ashoka Pics (1924) and made [[Prithvi 
     16Vallabh]]. Its success encouraged others to go 
    1717independent as well. Worked for Kohinoor and 
    1818took over production of its sister company, 
    1919Laxmi Films (1925). Major film directors who 
    2020worked with him around this time inc. 
    21 B.P. Mishra and R.S. Choudhury (with 
     21[[B.P. Mishra]] and R.S. Choudhury (with 
    2222Prithvi Vallabh and until the closure of Laxmi), 
    23 and Chandulal Shah (who joined films at 
    24 Laxmi). Made Mojili Mumbai, about the 
     23and [[Chandulal Shah]] (who joined films at 
     24Laxmi). Made [[Mojili Mumbai]], about the 
    2525decadence of the urban Westernised 
    2626bourgeoisie, one of the first films in a 
    2727contemporary setting. Also worked briefly at 
    28 Sharda Studio and at Vazir Haji’s Excelsior 
     28[[Sharda]] Studio and at Vazir Haji’s Excelsior 
    2929Film (1927). Films distinguished by careful 
    3030cinematography and for ‘popularising the