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Kanchanmala (1923-81) Telugu actress born in coastal AP. Stage star in Telugu; then entered cinema at Sagar Studio, Bombay, with a minor role in Veer Abhimanyu. After her 2nd film, at Calcutta’s Aurora, Ahindra Choudhury’s Vipranarayana, broke through in H.M. Reddy’s Grihalakshmi, where her sexually charged performance as the dancer Madhuri next to Kannamba’s role as the suffering wife solicited a kind of male voyeurism later exploited in Vauhini’s 40s socials. Played the victimised wife in B.N. Reddi’s nationalist Vande Mataram; also appeared in reformist socials by e.g. Ramabrahmam (Malapilla, Illalu) and sang duets with composer Ogirala in Y.V. Rao’s Malli Pelli. Played the major role of the wicked stepmother in Gemini’s Balangamma, after which a legal dispute with the studio boss S.S. Vasan effectively put her career in limbo for almost a decade. Her acting style was later extended by stars like Kamala Kotnis and Bhanumati. FILMOGRAPHY: 1935: Shri Krishna Tulabharam; 1936: Veer Abhimanyu; 1937: Vipranarayana; 1938: Grihalakshmi; Malapilla; 1939: Vande Mataram; Malli Pelli; 1940: Mahiravana; Illalu; 1942: Balanagamma; 1963: Nartanasala.