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J.Mahendran (b. 1939)

Popular 80s Tamil playwright and director, originally J. Alexander; born in Madras. Graduated from Madras University. Assistant editor of Cho Ramaswamy’s political fortnightly Tughlaq; author of stage hits Thanga Padakkam and Rishimoolam (1978). His story Sivakamyin Selvan was filmed by C.V. Rajendran (1974). Script début adapting Thanga Padakkam, filmed by P. Madhavan (1974). Assisted director A. Kasilingam. First film: Mullum Malarum, shot by Balu Mahendra from a story by Umachandran in which hero Rajnikant exerts an infantile domination over his sister’s life. Early work, including adaptations from Tamil literature (e.g. Udhiri Pookal is based on Pudumaipithan’s story Sittranai), often portrayed women facing loveless marriages (cf. Puttadha Poothukkal, in which a married woman has an affair and gets pregnant, her child being accepted by her impotent husband).

FILMOGRAPHY: 1978: Mullum Malarum; 1979: Udhiri Pookal; Puttadha Poothukkal; 1980: Nenjathai Killathey; Johnny; 1981: Nandu; 1982: Azhagiya Kanney; Metti; 1984: Kayi Kodukkum Kayi; 1986: Kannukku Mai Ezhuthu; 1992: Oor Panjayathu.