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    77director’. Belongs to family of temple priests in 
    88old Mysore. Started in theatre in 1928. Career in 
    9 two phases: actor-playwright for Gubbi 
    10 Veeranna, scenarist for several key historicals 
    11 starring Rajkumar, film-maker (usually with 
     9two phases: actor-playwright for [[Gubbi 
     10Veeranna]], scenarist for several key historicals 
     11starring [[Rajkumar]], film-maker (usually with 
    1212co-director T.V. Singh Thakore) and soughtafter 
    1313lyricist-scenarist for c.65 Kannada films; 
    14 then, after Reddy’s Samskara (1970), 
     14then, after [[Reddy]]’s [[Samskara]] (1970), 
    1515promoter of art-house cinema. Produced 
    16 Karnad and Karanth’s Vamsha Vriksha 
    17 (1971); directed Hamsa Geethe and first 
    18 Sanskrit feature, Adi Shankaracharya. Later 
     16[[Karnad]] and [[Karanth]]’s [[Vamsha Vriksha]] 
     17(1971); directed [[Hamsa Geethe]] and first 
     18Sanskrit feature, [[Adi Shankaracharya]]. Later 
    1919made another, Bhagavad Geeta. Culturally the 
    2020two periods are closely linked: his recent Saint 
    2525literature, music and theatre under 
    2626royal patronage around the turn of the century. 
    27 Early scripts for Rajkumar (e.g. Ranadheera 
    28 Kanteerava, 1960) were part of a populist 
     27Early scripts for Rajkumar (e.g. [[Ranadheera 
     28Kanteerava]], 1960) were part of a populist 
    2929effort to reposition South India’s feudalism in 
    3030terms of Karnataka’s regional-chauvinist 
    3131movements from mid-40s onwards. His wordy 
    32 prose socials, e.g. Bhoodana, and the use of 
     32prose socials, e.g. [[Bhoodana]], and the use of 
    3333classical Carnatic music in Hamsa Geethe are 
    3434part of an effort to update old Mysore’s 
    3636achievement in conservative views of 
    3737Karnataka’s cultural history. Also acted in e.g. 
    38 Radha Ramana (1943), Bedara Kannappa 
     38Radha Ramana (1943), [[Bedara Kannappa]] 
    3939(1954), Bhakta Mallikarjuna, Mahakavi 
    4040Kalidasa, Sodari (all 1955), Sadarame/