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    88film as exhibitor representing Western Indian 
    99interests of Universal Film. Partnered 
    10 Abdulally Esoofally in exhibition interests 
     10[[Abdulally Esoofally]] in exhibition interests 
    1111launched with acquisition of Alexandra and 
    1212Majestic theatres (1914). The partnership lasted 
    1414keep distribution outlets supplied. Launched 
    1515Star Film (1920) in partnership with Bhogilal 
    16 K.M. Dave, releasing their first film, Manilal 
    17 Joshi’s Veer Abhimanyu in 1922. They 
     16K.M. Dave, releasing their first film, [[Manilal 
     17Joshi]]’s [[Veer Abhimanyu]] in 1922. They 
    1818became Majestic Film (1923), then Royal Art 
    1919Studio (1925) and finally the major silent era 
    20 studio, Imperial Film (1926). A ‘mogul’ in the 
     20studio, [[Imperial Film]] (1926). A ‘mogul’ in the 
    2121mould of the big Hollywood studio bosses; 
    2222credited with between 225 and 250 
    2525including Farsi (Dukhtar-e-Lur, the first Iranian 
    2626sound film). Early screen directions often 
    27 jointly credited to Naval Gandhi but took rare 
     27jointly credited to [[Naval Gandhi]] but took rare 
    2828solo directorial credit for India’s first full sound 
    29 feature, Alam Ara, for which, having imported 
     29feature, [[Alam Ara]], for which, having imported 
    3030a sound technician from Hollywood (Wilford 
    3131Deming), he finally recorded most of the sound 
    3232himself. Bought rights to Cinecolour process 
    3333and set up colour laboratory, producing India’s 
    34 first indigenously processed colour film Kisan 
    35 Kanya (1937). Produced only one film after 
     34first indigenously processed colour film [[Kisan 
     35Kanya]] (1937). Produced only one film after 
    3636Imperial went into liquidation in 1938 (Pujari, 
    37371946) but remained active member of the