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     1'''Arakalagudu Narasinga Rao Krishnarao (1908-71)''' 
     3Aka A.Na.Kru; scenarist and prolific Kannada 
     4novelist, playwright and essayist with c.250 
     5published titles. A major regional chauvinist 
     6ideologue in Karnataka. Initially associated 
     7with the professional Company Natak. After 
     8books like Udayaraga (1924), a thinly 
     9disguised fictional biography of Bengal School 
     10painter Nandalal Bose, and several others 
     11featuring anxiety-ridden artists as central 
     12protagonists, he tended more towards the 
     13‘modern’ within the anglophile Amateur 
     14Dramatic Association and the literary Pragatisila 
     15movement derived from the PWA. Used 
     16influential cultural platforms such as the 
     17Madhol conference (1945) of the Kannada 
     18Ekikaran Parishat (the Kannada unification 
     19movement) to deflect most debates about 
     20progressivism and modernism towards 
     21discussions of Karnatakatva (‘Kannada-ness’), 
     22usually by appealing to ‘the masses’ whose 
     23‘point of view’ was said to be ignored by 
     24writers speaking about and addressing an 
     25urban middle class (Krishnarao, 1944). This 
     26equation of political regionalism with cultural 
     27populism was later developed most notably by 
     28the films of Rajkumar. Wrote a major 
     29Veeranna film, Jeevana Nataka (1942), the 
     30original book on which the Kannada film 
     31Sandhya Raga (1966) is based, and the script 
     32of B.R. Panthulu’s historical Shri 
     33Krishnadevaraya (1970). Wrote a novel 
     34about his experiences in the film industry, 
     35Chitra Vichitra (1952) and a critical study of 
     36Ravi Varma (1932). Also scripted Stree Ratna 
     37for K. Subramanyam (1955).